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"A total game changer" - A Journey to Show Jumping Success with Hypnotherapy

Updated: Feb 17

"A revolutionary change in our riding"


I have been following Marks inspirational journey online for a while. In 2023 he decided he wanted to become a showjumper, despite never having sat on a horse before! But he bought his amazing horse Boysie, has a great network around him and has been documenting his incredible journey on Tik Tok. So, when I had the chance to work with Mark I jumped at the chance.


Mark's journey into the world of show jumping was filled with determination and grit, yet he found himself facing mental barriers that hindered his progress. Despite his enthusiasm for learning, he struggled with a busy mind filled with endless checklists, leading to hesitation and a lack of confidence whilst jumping. What this meant was he was tense both mentally but also physically. He wasn’t able to fully relax and sit back in the saddle and often found he gripped, which fed down to Boysie.


However, with an open mind and a willingness to explore new avenues, Mark embarked on hypnotherapy.

Check out his video testimonials here:  and 


The Challenge of Mental Distractions:

As a newcomer to riding, Mark faced the daunting task of mastering the intricacies of show jumping. While he possessed a natural drive and determination, his mind often became cluttered with thoughts and doubts, preventing him from fully relaxing and connecting with his horse. This mental turbulence manifested as hesitancy during jumps, impeding his ability to perform at his best.


Our goal, give him the confidence and calmness to tackle any new situation, be it arena training, his first show, bigger and more challenging jumps.

Embracing Hypnotherapy:

Despite initial scepticism, Mark recognized the need to address his mental barriers in order to excel in his riding journey. With an open mind and a willingness to explore alternative solutions, he turned to hypnotherapy for guidance. Through three sessions, he underwent a profound transformation, experiencing a newfound sense of relaxation, confidence, and focus.


The impact of hypnotherapy on Mark's riding abilities was nothing short of remarkable. Physically, he became more relaxed and centred in the saddle, allowing him to ride with greater ease and fluidity which he has documented on his Tik Tok page . Mentally, he shed the weight of doubt and hesitation, embracing a positive mindset that propelled him forward with confidence. As a result, his performance soared to new heights, enabling him to tackle jumps with newfound zeal and precision. In just 6 months of riding he is now confidently jumping 95cm jumps and feeling ready for more!


Testimonial of Success:

In Mark's own words, the impact of hypnotherapy on his riding journey was profound:

"This is one of the most valuable and enjoyable experiences I've ever had. As a novice horse rider and show jumper, this has completely changed my mindset and unlocked abilities that have allowed me to progress at such a substantial rate."

With gratitude towards his hypnotherapist, Kerry, Mark reflects on his newfound success with optimism and determination, eagerly preparing for his first competitive show as a showjumper.

Mark's journey serves as a testament to the power of addressing mental barriers in pursuit of excellence. Through hypnotherapy, he was able to overcome the limitations of his mind, unlocking his true potential as a show jumper. His story inspires us to approach challenges with an open mind, recognising that sometimes the greatest hurdles we face are the ones within ourselves. As Mark continues to soar to new heights, his journey reminds us that with determination, perseverance, and the right mindset, anything is possible in the world of equestrian sports.

If you are seeking confidence in your riding or curious how hypnotherapy can help equestrians, get in touch for an obligation free chat, or book a free chat direct.

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