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Overcome challenges to achieve your goals.

Anxiety, self doubt, nerves and fears can occur in all of us. It may be that it's crept up over time, or something has triggered a change in your mood or behaviours. Together we will help understand but also address your unhelpful negative thoughts or behaviours and shift them into more effective positive ones. Combining CBT practices alongside hypnotherapy you can make transformative changes to your day to day life, for the better.

Empowerment Through Hypnotherapy for Lasting Confidence, Stress Relief, and Success in your Life.


We help client with a range of issues and know that everyone's story is different, and worthy of being heard. With our expertise, experience and knowledge, we typically help our clients in a few key ways. All sessions can be done online (with great results!) so get in touch to find out if we can help you.

Flower Buds

Addressing Anxieties

Break free from daily overwhelm.  

If anxieties are taking over, impacting your self-esteem, and holding you back, it's time for change. With simple CBT and hypnotherapy practices, regain confidence, reframe negativity, and embrace a more optimistic mindset. Empower yourself for lasting positive changes!


Career Confidence

Looking to grow your career but know your confidence and mindset are holding you back? Got feedback saying you need to be more assertive, confident and speak up but that all sounds very daunting? Through CBT techniques and hypnotherapy we can help create a more useful, positive mindset that will help you grow your career and enjoy the process.

Wild Flowers

Fears & Phobias

At our core, we understand that fears and phobias can hinder personal growth. Our tailored approach combines empathy and expertise to guide you through transformative solutions. Discover a path to conquer your fears, embrace newfound confidence, and embark on a journey towards a brighter, more fulfilling life

What Our Clients Say

Cosmos Blossom
"Kerry established strong trust and report and got to the root of what to focus on in our sessions. We set our and created a goal/focus to work on."

Client R

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