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Riding with Confidence - Hypnotherapy for equestrians


Meet Client C, an experienced rider with a passion for horses and a deep connection to her beloved horses. Despite her years of experience and her affection for her horses, Client C found herself grappling with feelings of anxiety and frustration, particularly when riding her spirited gelding. She had always trusted her mare explicitly, so these new feelings with her gelding were hard to grapple with. However, through a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and hypnotherapy, we embarked on a journey of self-confidence and transformation in the saddle.

"It is amazing how much you can work on in only a few sessions."


Understanding the Challenge:

Client C's riding journey was marked by the challenges of riding a horse prone to spookiness and occasional naughtiness. The anticipation of her gelding's unpredictable behaviour left her feeling anxious and tense especially in the arena. Certain areas were out of bound and she felt unable to push him. This sense of unease not only affected her enjoyment of riding but also strained her trust in her horse and her own abilities.


The Approach:

Recognising the need to address her riding anxieties head-on, Client C turned to CBT and hypnotherapy as holistic approaches to fostering relaxation and confidence in the saddle. Hypnotherapy for equestrians can be a deeply effective and long lasting approach to regaining confidence. Through relaxation techniques tailored to help her physically unwind while riding, she began to cultivate a deeper sense of calmness and trust in herself and her horse. With each session, she learned to quiet her mind and embrace a more positive mindset, laying the groundwork for a transformative experience in the saddle.


The Outcome:

Client C's journey of self-discovery and transformation culminated in a series of breakthrough moments that reshaped her riding experience. As she rode her gelding, Joey, on a leisurely hack, she felt a profound sense of peace and tranquillity wash over her. Her legs, once tense and rigid, now served as anchors of stability, grounding her securely in the saddle. With a relaxed mindset and a newfound trust in her horse, Client C navigated the ride with ease, savouring each moment as a positive experience and a stepping stone towards greater confidence. This physical and mental change in herself when riding collectively made her feel more secure, confidence and happy.


Hypnotherapy for equestrians

Testimonial of Success:

Reflecting on her journey, Client C describes the profound impact of her sessions.

"Kerry is so lovely, I was worried about my first session as I'm very self conscious but Kerry soon puts you at ease.
I've really felt the benefits of CBT/hypnotherapy sessions with Kerry in my riding confidence which is exactly what we were working on. It is amazing how much you can work on in only a few sessions." 



Client C's journey serves as a testament to the power of CBT and hypnotherapy in overcoming riding anxieties and fostering a deeper sense of relaxation and trust in the saddle. Through her commitment to self-improvement and the guidance of her therapist, Client C discovered a newfound confidence and tranquillity that has transformed her riding experience for the better. As she continues her journey with her beloved horses, Client C's story serves as an inspiration to riders everywhere, reminding us that with dedication and the right support, we can overcome our fears and ride with confidence and joy.

If you are seeking confidence in your riding or curious how hypnotherapy can help equestrians, get in touch for an obligation free chat, or book a free chat direct.

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