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Achieve your riding goals,
with confidence.



You find yourself disconnected with your passion, lost interest or lost direction. And now you are left with little confidence for things that used to be easy for you. I can help you find the love again and reconnect with your passion.



Whether you've had a fall or an accident that has knocked your nerves, or there is a scenario you just can't tackle, together we will help you gain the confidence to overcome these challenges.



Have a competition coming up? It may be your first event locally or going up a level at  BSJ, BD or BE events. Hypnotherapy can help prepare you so on the day you approach the event feeling calm, confident and ready to enjoy it.

"A revolutionary change in our riding. A total game changer"

Mark P

Packages for Riders

We work with each client to help create a treatment plan that is bespoke to their goals. However here are some packages our other clients have benefitted from.


Over time your confidence levels have dwindled, you are feeling lost and sometimes unable to ride due to nerves.  

Rekindle your passion for riding and your horse. After years of dedication, it's time to boost your confidence. In just 4 sessions, we'll pinpoint the root causes of your fears, reshape your mindset, and develop strategies to get you back in the saddle. Invest in your joy for riding with our package starting at £225.


Spending endless hours training your horse only to find your confidence and nerves ultimately hold you back?

Revitalize your passion for riding! Don't let self-doubt hold you back. With CBT and hypnotherapy, reclaim your confidence, prioritise yourself, and ride fearlessly towards your goals.

Package from £225


Gear up for success in 2024! Break free from self-doubt and pre-competition anxiety. Elevate your mindset in just 3 sessions, emerge calm, confident, and fully prepared for your competitions. Invest in yourself and conquer the next season with newfound mental strength!

Package from £300

How Hypnotherapy works for horse riders and other sports and hobbies.

For a number of reasons, our nerves can take over, whether it's when horse riding, running, training for a competition or event, whatever your activity, and this can really inhibit our performance. But most importantly it removes the fun.....and that's what it's all about after all!


Through hypnosis we can work together to reframe, prepare and change your thinking for your sports. This may be getting back on your horse after a fall or accident, or it may be getting ready for an important competition. Whatever it is, through Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy we can work together the help your mindset and see real changes.

And don't worry if it's not horse riding you're into. The approach and its benefits are the same for any sports, musical or creative performance. I'd love to find out more and help you on this journey.

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