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Rediscovering Confidence and Regaining Passion, in an equine career

Meet Client D, a passionate individual with a deep love for horses, whose dreams were clouded by the lingering shadows of recent bad accidents with horses resulting in overwhelming fears. As a cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapist, I had the privilege of accompanying Client D on a four-session journey towards rediscovering her confidence, reclaiming her passion for horses, and rebuilding a positive self-image.

Client's Issues:

Client D approached me with a myriad of challenges that were hindering her personal and professional growth. She had faced traumatic accidents involving horses, leaving her anxious and fearful not only around horses but also during day-to-day activities as a yard groom. Her self-confidence had taken a severe hit, casting doubts on her abilities and future career aspirations. The constant barrage of 'what if' scenarios and anticipations led to overwhelming stress, causing her to freeze in critical moments. Moreover, she felt judged, criticised, and isolated. All in all, things had become very negative and her self confidence had taken a huge hit.

Therapeutic Goals:

Our collaborative work focused on addressing these specific issues, with the ultimate goal of helping Client D regain control of her life, boost her self-esteem, and revive her passion for working with horses.

horse rider confidence

Achievements through Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy:

1. Clarifying Career Goals:

Through introspective exercises, we identified what was truly important to Client D in her future career. This clarity allowed client D to really establish future roles where she will feel most empowered, valued and fulfilment.

2. Establishing Self-Worth:

We worked together to establish Client D's sense of self-worth. By recognizing and appreciating her unique skills, she began to feel proud of the value she brought to any groom role, rather than negatively comparing herself to others.

3. Building Confidence:

Addressing her fear and anxiety and using hypnotherapy techniques, Client D started feeling more confident in her yard activities and around horses. She gained the courage to tackle tasks that had previously seemed insurmountable and in doing so, found she gained more and more confidence.

4. Positive Outlook on the Future:

Sessions were geared towards transforming her 'what if' mindset into a more positive and proactive approach. As a result, she became more self-assured and optimistic about her future career with horses with clarity on what she brings.

5. Overcoming Stress and Freezing Moments:

Through hypnotherapy techniques, we worked on managing stress and overcoming moments of paralysis. Client D learned to stay calm and composed in challenging situations, using positive self talk and relaxation techniques to help manage any anxious moments..

Client Testimonial:

Client D expressed her gratitude, stating,

"I am emailing to say thank you for helping me get through the struggles I’ve had over the past few months. Your help has made such a huge difference in not just my confidence with horses but my confidence and value as a person. You have provided me with the tools that make me believe I can do it; a few weeks ago that felt impossible. So thank you again!"


Client D's transformative journey serves as a testament to the power of cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapy in overcoming challenges, reclaiming passions, and rebuilding self-confidence. This case study highlights the profound impact that focused therapeutic interventions can have on an individual's personal and professional life.

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